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Who We Are

Deeper Data Analytics


We are passionates about data analytics and related technologies. We first had a passion and now we have in-depth experize in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and more generally in data science. What strongly believe that we can improve the society by solving business problems and transmitting our passion for data to others. Our passion is for data diversity not for data volume. Your company doesn't need to deal with peta-bytes of data to deserve our services.


We provide technical knowledge in big data, data architecture, data engineering, data workflows and data warehousing along with experienced project management to ensure successful project completion. We provide a customized service to your company by leading projects from inception to completion, supporting your data science team to deliver on your project goals. We can perform in-depth analysis of your data and help you turning your data into valuable insights.


We understand that the problems your company is facing are different than those of other companies. This is why we are not centered on one particular technology, brand or industry sector and we can therefore freely advices on the best solution. We always come with ad-hoc solutions that are fully customized toward your needs. Originality and creativity are real differentiators when it comes to solve a data science problem and build a funtionnal application. Our design process is agile, iterative, creative, and timely. We work with you to ensure desired results are met.

What We Do

We help companies from the prototyping phase until the delivery of their projects

Architecture & Engineering

We combine a high-level view of system design and a down-to-earth approach of problem solving. We provide feedbacks on what are the best tools for the job. We have experience building data pipelines using tools such as Spark, Dask or Flink running on premise or on cloud.


While we favour long-term partnerships and projects, we are also available for short-term high-level consulting ranging from software architecture, data science, data engineering, machine learning or deep learning.

Data Science

We have experience leading projects that apply data science and mathematical modeling to solve complex problems. Depending on the use case we use optimization techniques, classical statistics methods, Machine Learning or Deep Learning to build accurate predictive models.


We provide trainings on a broad range of topics such as Python, Scala, Spark, Kafka, Stream processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We can give short lectures or organize deeper training programs covering the all data science pipeline from data mining, processing, predicting until results sharing through a web application.

Machine Learning
& Deep Learning

We have years experience in developping machine/deep learning algorithms and utilizing them to make continuous predictions/forecast on the long term. We know all the tricks to get the most accurate models without falling into the usual overfitting problems. We are using libraries such as spark ML, Smile, DL4J, Scikit-learn, XGBoost, Tensorflow and Keras.


We help teams getting up to speed in the long run, providing recurrent coaching and advice through the whole project livecycle, aiming for continuous improvement. We don't mind sharing our tricks as what matters most for us is helping you making progress with your projects. We know that this is the paying strategy on the long term.

Our hands-on data science expertize

A subset of the tasks we can help you with:

Customer Analytics

  • Acquisition and customer behavior/segmentation
  • Customer retention
  • Customer churn and lifetime value
  • ...

Social Network Analysis

  • Like/Message monitoring
  • Corporate image monitoring
  • Communication analytics
  • ...

Computer Vision

  • Image recognition
  • Object detection
  • Image analysis
  • Image reserse searching
  • ...

Natural Language Processing

  • Document classification
  • Information extraction
  • Text summarization
  • Chat bots
  • ...

Find many more example of our expertize on our blog / showcase page

Our Team

Today, the team is small, but we have a network of privileged collaborators that can be onboarded on specific projects when additional expertize is required. We are always looking for business parterns so feel free to get in touch.

Loïc Quertenmont

Founder of Deeper Data Analytics. Dr. Loïc Quertenmont has years of experience leading projects that apply data science and mathematical modeling to solve complex problems. For about ten years, he used to analyze the gigantic 50Pb of data produced yearly by the CERN LHC in view of finding evidence of new physics. Among other things, he worked as part of the CERN team that discovered the Higgs Boson in 2012, which ultimately led to the Nobel Prize in Physics. Since 2016, Loïc Quertenmont exploits his data science skills helping companies to solve the complex data problem they are facing every day. So far, he was involved in projects related to customer analytics, geo-spatial analysis, data pipelines in the insurance sector and real-time electricity price forecasting.

Our privileged partners

Vincent Van Steenbergen

With a strong engineering background and long time interest for Artificial Intelligence, Vincent has experience building high-volumetry predictive applications. Vincent is our privileged partner for tough data engineering and data architecture questions.

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